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We are a digital marketing agency built to upset the industry.

Having a team 25+ years of experience across data science, marketing, and innovation, we strive to bridge paid marketing, data analytics, and content creation to form the ultimate omni-directional marketing presence for our clients.

We at Adamant Media have worked with with over 120 clients and generated more than
$100 million in revenue for businesses in niches such as ecommerce, tech (SaaS, web3, blockchain, NFT, apps, etc.), and more!
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ecommerce strategy

Tech strategy

paid advertising

Custom data tracking

content creation

email & SMS marketing

Data Tracking

Despite iOS14, the removal of the pixel, and everything in between, our team of data specialists and our in-house data base of over 3 trillion data points allow our clients to resolve the identities of 50% - 90% of their visitors, and easily retarget through any channel.

Paid Advertising

Fill your sales pipeline with inbound leads like never before. Our team of specialists implement a multi-channel approach allowing your to reach new audiences, scale more profitably, with the security and reliability your business needs.

Content Creation

Beauty meets functionality.

Custom creatives and user generated content designed and focused on building engaging, high converting assets to represent your business using our in-house network of influencers.
The Adamant Approach
Modern Day Alchemy
Understand Your Audience
We conduct in-depth research on  target markets and demographics of potential customers.
Cultivate Your Audience
Our team works hard to not only help you drive revenue, but to also nurture a loyal customer base.
Access More Data
Using our in-house data base, we help you access more leads and data without spending more money.
Omni-directional Growth
We make sure your business is never dependent on any one source or channel of revenue.
Identify The Gap
We constantly analyze current markets and competitors to ensure we always discover what’s missing.
Optimize & Repeat
We don’t stop optimizing your brands digital presence until it’s perfect.
clients worked with
top one percent of all
marketing agencies
in revenue generated
Don't just hear it from us.
" We have a limited team, but the ability to work with them brings so much value to our company as a whole. "
" This is the first time we've been able to rely on a single agency to successfully scale multiple ad channels. It's had a huge impact on the projected growth for our business. "
" We've worked with agencies before, but this is the first time we've had a business treat it like a "partnership". They went well beyond the description of their services. "

We pour our
into every project.

As an award-winning digital marketing agency, our team has over 25 years of digital marketing experience combined.
We do what we do because we love it and are dedicated to getting you results. We invest ourselves in your success every step of the way.

modern day alchemy

digital marketing backed by data science and machine learning
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